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Local SEO - more traffic!

Be found. Your business listing on search engines is improved monthly for local searches to get more traffic to your website and business.

Weekly Social Media Posts

40 monthly touch points. We post bi-weekly on 5 platforms; Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.


You get support on the marketing we are doing for your business.

Consulting Sessions

Need marketing ideas? We offer consulting sessions to help with your marketing and sales.

Quarterly Reviews

We review your results with you every quarter and make adjustments for better results.

Marketing Ideas

We share marketing and sales ideas to help you grow your business.

More Traffic and Leads

Have more awareness in the market, more traffic and more leads.

Monthly Reports

You get monthly reports showing you key statistics.

What Our Clients Say

"My traffic has certainly increased"

"Without a doubt the most important meeting I have had in the last two years - you can take that to the bank and quote me."

""Best month in 16 years"

"We make use of the Marketing Machine and it is generating a lot of money!" 

"The number of leads increased dramatically and I can clearly see a significant improvement in sales" 

Business owners who say advertising doesn't work: 

They wake up everyday and brush their teeth with advertised toothpaste on an advertised toothbrush. 

They shower using advertised soap, then put on advertised clothes.  

They get into an advertised car and eat advertised foods. Listen to advertised music and watch advertised movies.  

And then say the dumbest thing ever, advertising doesn't work...  

Until their business fails and they advertise their "Business for Sale"! 

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The following type of local businesses can greatly benefit from this type of marketing; home improvement, service and repair shops, shopping centres; fashion stores, blinds, generator supplier, solar businesses, pump suppliers, printer or cartridge suppliers, car dealers, plumbers, electricians, estate agents, local clothing stores, home appliances, office equipment, suppliers, machinery, catering, gardening, land scaping, and many more!